There is so much happening behind the scenes that our clients never see but is still important

Filippo Del Tedesco joins us as Senior Developer, bringing over a decade of experience in backend development, operations, reliability, scalability, big data, devops, customer onboarding, and support party from the ad tech industry. A valuable addition to the Livewrapped Team.

We conducted a short interview with Filippo about his thoughts on joining Livewrapped and his thoughts on 2024. Read the full interview below. 

Tell us about yourself? 

In 2008, I moved to Gothenburg from Italy, Azzano Decimo, specifically, which is located in northwest Italy, for my Ph.D. program at Chalmers University, and it was then that I found my place in Sweden! Apart from work, I cherish spending time with my family. I am a very happy husband to my wife Laura (23 years and counting!) and a proud father to my daughter Beatrice, who is 2.5 years old. We love exploring the city, going on long walks, and finding the best restaurants in town. I always come with a bunch of recommendations if you are ever in Gothenburg!

What's your role at Livewrapped?

I am joining the Livewrapped team as a Senior Developer, where I will utilize my skills and interests focusing on cloud, scalability, and reliability. Since Livewrapped is growing it's important to continue offering a robust and stable platform to our clients. I will also focus on building underlying smartness to the platform - there is so much happening behind the scenes that our clients never see but is still important.

What's your focus for 2024? 

Definitely scalability and making sure the platform continues to deliver at the high quality it currently is, but also the underlying smartness I mentioned will be a focus area for 2024. We live in a time where we need to put high expectations on our technology partners to not only cater to a specific business need but also do it in an optimized and modern way. This also aligns with sustainability which is an important topic, especially for our industry. We need to make sure our platform is engineered for efficiency for many reasons. My goal is to continue offering our clients technology that is at the forefront, efficient, robust & “smart".

Could you elaborate on what you mean by 'smartness'?

Essentially, it's about optimizing workflows for the system. Technology is constantly improving, finding new ways to be as efficient as possible. Therefore, it's important to stay up to date. In order to offer the best platform for our clients, we need to prioritize high quality while being cost-effective with our offering, and always offering the latest technology.

How does this align with sustainability? 

The programmatic landscape is known for its complexity, with many systems involved, which has an effect on emissions. If we can optimize when to involve different systems, we can lower emissions. Essentially, delivering the highest revenue for the client, while the system in the background is streamlined in how it operates. This not only affects emissions but also has other benefits such as being cost-effective, streamlined, faster, etc., all resulting in the best-performing product for our clients - which is always the end goal for us in the Development Team.