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Increase your programmatic revenue

There is a reason almost all publishers implement Header Bidding – it is pretty much guaranteed to increase your programmatic revenue. By adding more demand partners competing against each other you will both raise fill rates and increase your CPM.

Average revenue increase of 75%

Add infinite number of demand partners

Display, app, native and video support

Livewrapped makes Header Bidding easy

Implementing Header Bidding can be complex and time consuming, but our technology makes the implementation process extremely lean and efficient.

Be up and running in days

We host the Prebid library, making the implementation of our platform no more complex than adding a regular SSP

No need for internal tech resources

In a standard setup, your IT resources need to be involved for even small changes, causing significant delays and costs. Once you have implemented our scripts, you will never have to touch them again.

All changes such as adding SSPs, changing floor prices and adjusting lazy load settings are done on the backend of our platform instead of locally in the Javascripts

The more complex your setup is, the more time you will save

Cutting edge AI technology To increase revenue

AI and Machine Learning are at the core of what we do. We use AI on everything from Floor Optimization to lazy load settings, making real time decisions better than any human could.

Optimization of floor based on time of day, user, ad unit and much more

Our support is truly world class

We are not kidding here, our support will be the best you have ever experienced.

Common questions

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What is header bidding?

Header Bidding is a programmatic advertising technique that allows for multiple partners (usually SSPs) to bid simultaneously for the same impression. This allows for maximum competition for a publisher's ad inventory, increasing prices and fill rate.

What does Livewrapped do?

Setting up Header Bidding yourself can be complex and time consuming. Also, it is usually very difficult to get an overview of your Header Bidding business. Livewrapped solves these problems. We make it really easy and efficient to work with Header Bidding and we bring total transparency to what is happening with your inventory.

What does Livewrapped do differently?

Livewrapped offers a unique approach to Header Bidding where we serve the entire Prebid library. This enables both an extremely quick and problem free implementation. Since all changes after the initial implementation are done on our end instead of through making local changes to Javascripts, your developers will not have to be involved, saving both time and resources on your end.

Where are you located?

Our team is located in Sweden in the cities of Gothenburg and Stockholm, but we serve websites all over the world.

Is there some kind of binding period?

No, you can stop sending us traffic at any time and we won't charge you anymore.

What is the cost of the service?

We charge you on a CPM basis or rev share basis. The exact price is dependent on your traffic volume.

Ad tech is our game. But we're all human.

Headquartered in central Gothenburg, we are a diverse and experienced team, focused on delivering a high quality, user-centric product for our clients.

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About us

A tool that makes header bidding extremely simple

When Header Bidding started to get traction, we realized that the old ways of doing programmatic were quickly getting outdated.

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Drastically increase your programmatic revenue

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“Two things that really matter for us are fast and good service and support and how easily we can set up complex setups. We looked at other solutions but Livewrapped's attitude and product were on a different level."
Tuomas Suihkonen
CEO at Improve Media