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The team at Livewrapped has a long experience from Programmatic Advertising. When Header Bidding started to get traction, we realized that the old ways of doing programmatic were quickly getting outdated.

Header Bidding just had too much revenue potential compared to the old Waterfall model for things to stay the same. At the same time, we saw that Header Bidding was complex to get started with, quite resource consuming and that the lack of good analytical tools made the process of handing multiple SSPs simultaneously both cumbersome and opaque.

Enter the idea of Livewrapped – a tool that would make Header Bidding, and anything related to it, extremely easy to both set up and maintain, with minimal need for the publisher’s own tech resources to ever get involved once the setup was in place. Since we were somewhat disillusioned with the service level and shadiness of the Ad Tech Industry in general, we also decided we were going to be the good guys.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on providing a fantastic customer support and being 100% on the side of the publisher. Since then, we have come a long way. We now provide a product in absolute world class with a very happy customer base.

Thanks to our know-how and technology, we outperform our competitors on all relevant parameters. If you don’t believe us – just ask our clients!

Fredrik Johansson, CEO

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“Two things that really matter for us are fast and good service and support and how easily we can set up complex setups. We looked at other solutions but Livewrapped's attitude and product were on a different level."
Tuomas Suihkonen
CEO at Improve Media