Maximizing revenue and being part of our clients' growth journey excites me

We are thrilled to introduce and welcome our new CCO, Patrik Brännfors. We asked him some questions about his thoughts on joining Livewrapped, his outlook on 2024 and much more. Read the full interview below: 

Tell us more about who you are? 

My friends and family would probably describe me as adventurous, curious, and driven – qualities that I also bring to my work life! Aside from that, I live in central Stockholm with my two teenagers, and my free time is preferably spent with an ocean or mountain beneath my feet. I'm completely obsessed with randonee skiing.

What is your role at Livewrapped?

As CCO, I am excited to both cultivate new and maintain current relationships with our clients. The platform offers numerous opportunities for optimization, so it's crucial to stay on top of performance, implementing new features, etc. Maximizing revenue and being part of our clients' growth journey excites me. I'm also eager to contribute to expanding the platform technology into new markets where there is currently high demand for solutions like ours. Our clients will always be our core focus.

What are your priorities for 2024?

My primary focus is on expanding our client base, both by fostering new relationships and increasing revenue for existing clients. Additionally, like everyone else, we need to prioritize the long-term sustainability of our industry alongside performance. We must continue leveraging the platform's intelligence and utilizing all the innovative functionalities that the tech team is developing in our accounts to ensure they consistently perform at their best.

Why Livewrapped?

I loved that Livewrapped already has a strong presence in the Nordics and high customer satisfaction. I also value that it's a technology built by individuals who have worked in ad technology themselves and solves a clear problem. Combined with the entrepreneurial spirit within the company, it was an easy decision to join the team and embrace all the future opportunities - the sky is the limit!