5 clicks in Livewrapped can lead to 6% uplift in programmatic revenue

There are many parts in making the programmatic landscape work, of course the commercial part - but ensuring your technical set-up is performing at its best should not be underestimated. This could turn out to be one of the reasons you reach or even succeed your targets this year.

Our team* recently did an experiment with one of our premium publishers, where they saw a revenue uplift of 6% instantly. This is one great example of a publisher starting to question their settings, wanting to be innovative, and getting an instant ROI.  While 6% in some instances might be considered a modest number, this is just one of many experiments that together can add up to large numbers, and all these optimizations will have a significant long-term effect since they create a lasting impact on your revenue.

So, what is an experiment? In short, it’s an A/B test where you dedicate a small portion of your traffic to run a new, different version of your prebid set-up and compare performance to your current one. Being able to set up experiments in Livewrapped means you don’t need to depend on your developers to create these kinds of tests, making the time to test your thesis short since it only takes a few minutes to set up an experiment.


A: Current settings use timeout 1200msB: Experiment, 5% of the traffic uses a new timeout of 1300ms

Changing settings in a header bidding set up that is already technically working includes risk. However,  since the test is done on small parts of the traffic, in a controlled environment, and analyzed in real time you get direct feedback on the result, and mitigate the risk. All decisions can be backed-up with data, and the upside is infinite! Just do it!

To conclude, we all know that never breaking out of your comfort zone rarely leads to any breakthroughs. Which is why we and the team at Livewrapped believe that the old saying “if it ain't broke don't fix it” should be changed to: “just because it works doesn't mean it can't be improved” (As said by Letitia Wright as Shuri in Black Panther (2018))

To find out more on how to optimize your header bidding setup, get in touch with the Livewrapped or Netric team at: (We most likely have a bunch of ideas on experiments you should experiment with).

*Netric represents Index Exchange across the Nordics and Baltics and are since 2021 part of the same group as Livewrapped, VO2 cap holding is a company specializing in media and tech companies. The collaboration between Livewrapped and Netric is one example of synergies within VO2.

Written by: Rebecka Sjöström, COO, Netric Sales

Rebecka Sjöström
Business Development, VO2 Cap