Livewrapped helped Informationsgruppen to grow their display revenue by 190%

"Livewrapped´s technology has has made it possible to work with a lot more partners than we used to do. Thank´s to the increased transparency, we can analyze our revenue streams and thereby optimize our profitability in a much more efficient manner. "
Seth Nauclér
CEO, Informationsgruppen

Informationsgruppen AB is one of the leading service providers in Sweden for data base driven search through their web sites and In October 2021 Informationsgruppen signed a deal with Livewrapped to switch to their Header Bidding wrapper. In December 2021 switched technology and in January 2022 followed suit.

" Per August 2022 the average monthly uplift in total display revenue compared to last year was 377 %  on and 113 % on For the entire company, the uplift was 190 %. This is of course an absolutely fantastic result."

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October 2021 - September 2022


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“Two things that really matter for us are fast and good service and support and how easily we can set up complex setups. We looked at other solutions but Livewrapped's attitude and product were on a different level."
Tuomas Suihkonen
CEO at Improve Media